International Social Work
Volume 61, Issue 6, 2018, Pages 954-967

Addressing female sex trade human trafficking in Japan through NGO advocacy networks (Article)

Noyori-Corbett C.* , Moxley D.P.
  • a The University of Oklahoma, United States
  • b The University of Oklahoma, United States


Even though Japan has become notorious for trafficking women from other countries, advocacy networks among non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are forming. Such networks can potentially bring about changes in policy, further advance responses to victims, and stem the flow of exploited people to Japan. This study examines how advocacy networks are forming in Japan to address human trafficking both within Japan and between Japan and other nations. Findings show the unique conditions influencing the emergence of such networks, as well as mounting challenges NGOs face as network members, especially in working with NGOs outside of Japan. © The Author(s) 2017.

Author Keywords

Advocacy Japan non-governmental organizations transnational Human trafficking

Index Keywords

Japan female organization human trafficking Article human adult


DOI: 10.1177/0020872817695383
ISSN: 00208728
Original Language: English